770px-NLE_Bonavista2_tango7174Are you looking for the perfect spot to stay at while you are away on vacation? We have the perfect place for you. Our rooms are newly renovated to fit all of your needs during your stay. We even have the perfect honeymoon suite that includes a Jacuzzi. There is nothing better than that right after you get married.

Our newlyweds absolutely love the features that are available with the honeymoon suite. We even have two amazing cabins that can be booked as well. We even have four more ocean view cabins that are located within ten minutes from our hotel!

We even offer home cooked meals for all of our residents to enjoy, along with all other types of amenities. Be sure to contact us today so we can book your room or cabin during your stay. All you will need to know if the dates that you are needing to book, so we can get you set up accordingly. Be sure to contact us in plenty of time so we can get you booked!

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